"Development conscious organisations, and communities have meaningful stories deserving of visibility and attention."

Our Approach


Worldviews, narratives and identities are framed by stories. Stories are powerful for their ability to hook and hold attention and inspire action. They are the best tools to persuade people and create change.

Participatory Communication

We believe that meaningful participation cannot occur without communication. Participatory communication; creates opportunities for people to visualize their social problems, stimulates collective introspection, discussion, and action and identifies solutions.
Our Mission is to support individuals, organisations and communities to frame their identities and narratives through storytelling and participatory communication approaches for social justice, human dignity and amplified voice that leads to sustainable and meaningful social change.

“We believe that it is more powerful to show, rather than describe, what we feel, what we know and who we are.”

This statement is at the core of human connection. We pride ourselves in helping development conscious organizations, individuals and groups to connect powerfully and meaningfully, so that they can create impact and visibility for their work as a catalyst for social justice, amplified voice and behaviour change.
Who we are

We are a development communication consultancy firm, based in Nairobi, Kenya, operating across Africa. We help development conscious organisations to achieve impact and visibility for their work, by integrating storytelling and participatory communication for social impact.

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Our Methods

Research and strategy is at the heart of everything we do.



We help socially conscious organisations to conduct communication research before designing communication campaigns or strategies to ensure there is all the relevant data and identify gaps, in order to develop effective strategies, campaigns and projects.



We develop communication strategies and creative concepts informed by research to ensure organisations lay effective groundwork for effective communications.

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Our Clients

Some of our clients that have trusted us in framing their stories