Our Why

"We know that knowledge alone does not elicit change."

Think of an instance where you were motivated enough to change your behaviour, give your time and money to a cause? It was probably not from an elaborate report loaded with facts.

You probably read or heard an engaging and motivating story told in a captivating way. They managed to capture, hook and hold your attention enough to motivate you to action.


Stories if well told have the capacity to appeal to our emotions and logic and contribute to our belief systems and frame our worldviews.

Participatory Communication

Participatory communication approach is an interactional process of dialogue between people, groups, and institutions that enables people to realize their full potential and be engaged in framing their own identities and narratives, be engaged in their own wellbeing as well develop and define their voice to, contribute to social justice and sustainable behaviour and social change.
Participatory Communication

We help development conscious organisations, while paying attention to participation , to pay similar attention to communication , intended as the professional use of dialogic methods and tools to promote change.


We use photovoice with issue-affected communities, empowering them to see, define, communicate and improve their situation.

Participatory Video

We help development organisations, groups and communities to use participatory video techniques to explore and voice issues of concerns and creatively and collectively tell their stories to communicate their needs and ideas.

Participatory Animation

We use participatory approaches to animation because of its ability to create culturally relevant fictional characters and therefore powerful in engaging audiences and promoting a critical consciousness in people.

We always enjoy the opportunity to frame stories with communities, groups and development conscious organisations to ensure their stories connect and have more impact.

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    Animation and comic strips
    We use animation and comic strips as a development communication tool because of their ability to communicate intricate ideas in a simple manner, tap into people’s imagination, as well as its ability to adopt diverse visual designs, language, and storytelling approaches.
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    Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, but sophistication is an art. Simplicity requires comprehension in order to effectively clarify complexities in inherent in raw data such as research, evaluation reports and turn them into stories.
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    Stories of Impact
    The content ranges from human-interest stories, research briefs, articles, news notes, photo essays, videos, infographics, animations among others. Moreover, we handle messaging and media relations on behalf of clients for campaigns, events and conferences.
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    We draw on the fact that populations around the world are widely exposed to entertainment media content and that they effectively persuade how people think, feel, and behave.

Worldviews, narratives and identities are framed by stories! However, a greater insight and expertise is required to effectively leverage their power in influencing perceptions. We know how to frame stories, narrative and discourses, to create visibility and social impact. Go ahead, Ask us how!

Show me how !